Bhakti Chavda

Bhakti Chavda is a native Houstonian who has many loves and talents. With a background in Psychology and (soon to add) Kinesiology, spirituality and fitness have always been passions in her life. A practicing Hindu, Bhakti has grown up playing various sports such as co-ed soccer, figure skating, gymnastics, volleyball, and a short stint at track. Over the last few years, she has picked up cycling to complete the MS150 4 times (but who's counting?), running only to find that trail running is (so much) more fun, and yoga, which is what probably brought you here. 


Bhakti also is an avid animal lover who lives with Collin, rescued Italian Greyhound, and a current foster Sukhi (through Forgotten Pet Advocates). When she is not yoga-ing, you can catch her procrastinating to clean up dog hair, spending time with loved ones, or still exploring Houston.