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It is not enough to be busy. So are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about?
— Henry David Thoreau

This video moves me to my core, and I thought it appropriate to share as I start my new ventures. 


Have you ever sunk down into your couch, and as your are Netflix and chllin’, realized that there's something about your life that’s not that satisfying? I mean, watching 10 season of a sitcom from start to finish is a feat in itself, but at some point, the butt imprint on the couch needs to air out. That’s kind of where I was in November last year. I was incredibly busy with life, and when I crashed to relax, I would crash hard. I started noticing what was actually keeping me busy was actually sucking the life out of me. The things I gained most happiness from was my continued yoga practice and the few times I was able to get on a road and run, even for 20 min.


In November, I participated in a couple of yoga challenges and did a few trail runs in Texas with Trail Racing Over Texas (Check out this awesome trail racing company here!), and just being outside and finding ways to seek peace in stress allowed me to come to a few realizations.

  1. I really do like yoga. After practicing it for a year and noticing connections, both physical and spiritually, I want to deepen my knowledge of the subject.

  2. I still want to run, although realistically it might be at a limited capacity since there are other passions I have in my life.

  3. I need to make some big changes in my life, otherwise my life threatened to be just disconnected, meaningless tasks for which I was quickly losing drive to complete..

Write here...

Therefore in December I started working at yoga studio in Houston and I registered to begin a 200 hour Yoga teacher certification in January. Am I expecting this to kick my ass? Absolutely. Am I expecting to question my decision and convince myself it was myopic and selfish? You bet. However, more importantly, am I hoping to grow, be challenged, imbibe changes flawlessly (well, as flawlessly as I can), and deepen my practice of being a functioning human being in society? With every fiber of my body.

So if you are here and perusing, I would love it if you gave me a follow. If you are here and not sure what to think, come back with comments and conversation. My whole objective here is not to offer advice and recommendations, but to share my insights and changes I plan on making in my life with the hope that it inspires/motivates/begins the thought process for things in your life. I will tend to pick up different challenges to do, instagram or otherwise, and post my experience/challenge with them as I progress. I have this fantasy that the people who read this blog will also choose to join in with me, and we will have this supportive group of comrades! If nothing else, my blog will (hopefully) prove to be entertaining. :-)




With Love,

Aum Shantih Shantih Shantih