My current musings


“Growth begins when we start to accept our own weakness.”- Jean Vanier

Lately, I noticed that my Instagram musings were getting longer and longer. (I noticed it and a few friends admitted to me that they would skim just a portion of it when seeing the length. Not a good sign.) This was the sign I needed to resurrect my blog.

So here I am, probably talking absolute bullshit about topics I have only just begun to experience in my adult life. But I have to take the risk. I think I stopped writing so long ago because I didn’t feel like my messages were worth reading. I think I became frightened of no one opening up my links and no one feeling like my time, my thoughts, or my efforts were valued.


Maybe I didn’t feel like my time or messages were of value.


It’s taken the courage of my friends who indeed did make it through many of super long posts on social media to remind me that I do have something to say. (Thank you by the way for somehow making it to the end of my posts). You see, I thought that if I just threw everything out there on Instagram, no one would have to bother to read my posts. I could just spew my research about topics like verbal diarrhea and hope that it would resonate with someone. To my relief, it worked more often than not.

The problem with my method is that it will only work for so long. And I will never learn things about myself, my writing will never change, and I will not grow unless I do things that scare me and do things that challenge my insecurities.

If you think about a young child trying to learn to walk, that child will fall down and hurt itself hundreds of times. But at no point does that child ever stop and think, “Oh, I guess walking just isn’t for me. I’m not good at it.” - Mark Manson

I have decided to use this forum to begin spreading the knowledge that I gain. For now, it may be motivational bullshit, but hopefully soon, I can start sharing things from the roots of yoga, mantras from the Bhagwat Gita, dangerously misunderstood biology in yoga, and above all, a unyielding thirst for continual growth.

Unbeknownst to most, I have actually experienced incredible neglect for real biological knowledge in my yoga teacher training. I have experienced prejudice for being Hindu and Indian in a practice that comes from my roots, in a yoga studio nonetheless. And I have been brushed off when I respectfully brought up egregious forms of cultural appropriation.

I have no desire to shame anyone or to use this forum to serve as a judge and jury. I realized that I have an insight that most do not have and I just hope that as more and more people continue to add yoga and exercise to their lives, they choose to be knowledgeable and respectful. There is a reason that yoga has endured thousands of years. There is a reason we still need to move in order to survive. And it is up to us to take action.

So hold onto your butts, and thank you for joining me on this journey. If you made it to the bottom, kudos to you!! Sorry, I only have brownie points and gratitude to share. <3